Who am I?


I was 55 when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. I have a vague memory of being told I had I had HPV back in 1988 after a gynecology exam. The nurse at the time said “Don’t worry, everybody tests positive for it.” I don’t believe they knew back then that certain strains caused cancer.

So, I’m guessing I carried around a cancer causing strain of HPV for 30 years. Strangely, I just had another test shortly after my cancer treatment ended and I tested negative for HPV. I asked how that could be when I had just been treated for an HPV cancer? The doctor at the time said there’s just so much they don’t know…

In many ways I feel like I got lucky; I caught my cancer early and it was curable. I had a far less awful time with chemotherapy than what I was prepared for. I handled the radiation “as well as it’s possible to handle it” and even at the end was only taking a half Norco when most patients are on morphine. While I’m certainly still suffering some of the side effects at 8 weeks post-treatment, I’m also not doing too bad. My doctors said that I did well because I was fairly young and healthy.

I do know that I helped myself greatly by starting Beta Glucan the day I was diagnosed. I also started the recommended diet for cancer survivors before I even started treatment. I went into this experience like I was preparing for war, because I was. Surviving cancer means you fought like hell – and lived to tell the tale.

Why did I do a web site? Because that’s just who I am.

The last time I tangled with a major medical issue I ended up starting a website, which turned into a non-profit, which turned into the number one site in the world on the condition. I founded www.pilonidal.org and have helped hundreds of thousand of  people; it’s my finest accomplishment. I don’t need to do so much heavy lifting with cancer but I do want to share what worked for me. I still can’t believe my radiation team didn’t know about VSL#3, or the toilet seat bidet. The fact that those two things aren’t standard issue for pelvic radiation astounds me, so there’s obviously still work to be done…. and I’m here doing it.

I hope if you’re fighting or preparing to fight cancer that I’ve helped you in your battle.

I and every other cancer survivor are out there pulling for you.

Sandy Fischler

Image of cancer superhero
Cancer Fighting Superhero